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Here are some of our favorite materials. These have been created by our tutors and by us so they may be shared. We find these helpful when working on literacy skills. For more materials, visit our Tutor tools & games page..


You and your student will build a notebook together over time. Every notebook has five sections: 1) sounds 2) syllable types 3) spelling rules 4) sight words and 5) vocabulary. These simple templates can be downloaded as you build your notebook. They are listed in the order that you will need them with the sub-step number of when they are introduced.


1.0 Alphabet Chart (by B. Rights)
1.0 Vowel Sheet with No Pictures
1.0 Vowel Page (with colored pictures)
1.0 Vowel Coloring Pages (black and white)
1.2 Digraph Coloring Page
1.2 Digraph Worksheet
1.2 Bed Drawing (b & d confusion)
1.4 Glued Sounds (all, am, an)
2.1 -ng Glued Sounds
2.1 -nk Glued Sounds
7.1 Gentle Ginger (soft g)
7.1 Gentle Cindy (soft g & c)
7.1 Cat/Kite: c or k Illustration


2.1 Closed Syllable Worksheet
2.3 Closed Syllable Exception
3.2 Syllable card template (Blank)
4.1 Vowel-Consonant-e syllable
4.4 V-C-E Syllable Exception Worksheet (letter “v”)
5.1 Open Syllable Worksheet
6.4 Consonant-le syllable
8.1 R-controlled syllable
8.1 Bossy Letter R
9.1 Vowel digraph/dipthong syllable

Spelling Rules

1.2 Spelling Rule: ck
1.2 Spelling Rule: c or k?
1.4 Fizzle or Bonus: f, l, s, z
7.1 “Cat/Kite: c or k illustration

Sight Words


Games are listed by sub-step.

Games for All Levels

  1. Blank Game Template
  2. Blank Game Board by Judith Margerum
  3. Game Board Example by Judith Margerum
  4. Triples “Three in a Row” Game
  5. Schwa Game Bingo
  6. Swat the Sound game board for Any Sound (Blank)

Closed Syllable Games (short vowel sounds)

1.1 Jogging Down Vowel Street (a, i, o) 1.1 Joking Around (a, i, o) 1.2 Checking in on c, k, and ck 1.2 Hungry, Hungry Di-eaters (digraphs) 1.2 Dolphin Adventure (a, i, o) 1.2 Swat the Vowel game board (a, i, o) 1.2 Swat the Sound game board (b, d) 1.2 Swat the Sound game board (m, w) 1.2 Nonsense Game (a, i, o) 1.2 Bingo (digraphs) 1.3 Car Garage (vowels, digraphs, c,k,b,d) 1.3 Swat the Vowels game board (e, i) 1.3 Swat the Vowels game board (a, e, i, o, u) 1.3 Swat the Vowel Word List (a, e, i, o, u) 1.3 Nonsense Game (a, e, i, o) 1.4 Shooting Hoops (f, l, s, z) 1.5 Word Hopscotch (am, an, all) 1.5 Bingo (f, l, s, z, am, an, all) 1.6 Plural Pat (s) 1.6 Adventures of Meg & Friends (closed vowels) 1.6 Tameka’s Trek (closed vowels) 1.R Two Tries Review

Closed Syllable, blends

2.1 Ball Toss word list (-ng, -nk) 2.1 Dolphin Adventure (-ng, -nk) 2.1 St. Patrick’s Welded Sounds (-ng, -nk) 2.1 Making Word Blocks (-ng, -nk) 2.1 Word Hopscotch (-ng, -nk) 2.2 Nonsense 3 (Blends) 2.2 Blends Battleship (beginning blends) 2.2 Boxing Beginning Blends & Blends Bingo 2.2 Bingo (blends) 2.3 Exceptional Word Hopscotch (closed exceptions) 2.3 Bingo (closed exceptions. 2.4 Five Sound Tapping (blends in closed syllable) 2.5 Boxing 3-Letter Blends 2.R Review (-ng, -nk, blends, closed exceptions)

Closed Syllable, multi-syllabic words

3.1 Bingo (2 closed syllables) 3.1 Swoop the Syllables (2 closed syllables) 3.2 Swoop the Syllables, Highlight Blends (2 closed syllables) 3.3 Swoop the Syllables, Highlight Blends, Box “ct” (2 closed syllable words ending in ct) 3.4 Highlight the vowel, Swoop the Syllables (3 closed syllables) 3.5 Ing and Ed bot (-ing and -ed suffix) 3.2 – 3.5 Mailing Morphologies (understanding morphology)

V-C-E Syllable, long vowel sounds

4.1 Bingo (v-c-e) 4.1 Rhyming Go Fish (v-c-e) 4.1 Silent “e” games 4.1 Silent “e” marking game 4.2 Swoop the Syllables, Highlight v-c-e 4.3 Swoop the Syllables, Highlight v-c-e 4.4 Exception to v-c-e

Open Syllable, long vowel sounds

5.1 Captain “y” (open 1-syllable words) 5.2 Bingo (open & closed syllables) 5.2 Words with Closed, Open V-C-E Syllables 5.3 Candy Granny (y as vowel in 2-syllable words) 5.4 Circle the Syllables (words with c, o, v-c-e syllables) 5.4 Mailing Morphologies (re-, pre-, de-)

Suffix Endings & Consonant -le Syllable

6.1 Suffix Hopscotch 6.2 Which Head is the Correct ED (suffix -ed) 6.3 Crazy Bases (adding 2 suffixes) 6.4 Hop Around the Consonant -le syllable

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