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Here are some of our favorite materials. These have been created by our tutors and by us so they may be shared. We find these helpful when working on literacy skills. For more materials, visit our Handouts & Games page.

Reading Party Videos and Game Cards

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On Our Pinterest Page

We really love Pinterest and we've found it's a great place to store a whole array of games, links, printed pieces, educational materials and more. Below you'll find a list of all the boards that we've created on Pinterest. Click on any of the boards below to go to our Pinterest page.

Links to Other Great Sites

Augustine Project Chapel Hill website

International Dyslexia Society Website

North Carolina International Dyslexia Association Visit this website for information about the upcoming conference at Summit School.

Orton-Gillingham Headquarters

Wilson® Language Training Website and materials.

Blank Game Cards  templates for various homemade games.

Open Dyslexic Font Download this free font, weighted at the bottom, designed especially for dyslexia.

Spelling City to make up spelling games.

Super Duper, Inc., sells unique supplies.

Vocablog resource for vocabulary.

Augustine Project Blog Chapel Hill. Good info.

Children of the Code focuses on children with reading problems.

Handwritting without Tears for kids struggling.

On Track Reading distinguishing between b & d.

Resource Room The Importance of Automaticity and Fluency For Efficient Reading Comprehension.

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