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Dismantling Racism for Parents | Read Write Spell
Dismantling Racism

Talking to your Children about Racism

Dealing with racism is not just for adults.  Children and parents can work together to remove racism, hatred, and division.  Respecting the dignity of every human being needs to be discussed throughout the different stages of a child’s life and parents need resources to enable them to listen and talk about the tough issues.  Below are resources (books and discussion questions/activities) to help navigate these difficult but necessary conversations about race and racism with their children.

Antiracist Baby
Come In Come In
We March
Black Is a Color of the Rainbow
Faces - A Love Story
Intersection Allies
Stamped for Kids
Our Skin
Antiracist Baby
Blue Eyes Brown Eyes
Gabe Faces Ignorance
Stamped for Kids
Intersection Allies

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