The mission of READWS is to reach, teach and advocate for struggling readers by training tutors, educators and parents to use the evidence-based, best practices of a multisensory structured literacy approach.  We focus on students who are at an economic disadvantage.

READWS is an outreach mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. In addition, many other individuals, foundations, schools, faith-based communities and civic organizations join with St. Paul’s as tutors, donors, supporters and advocates.

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Our Staff

Kris Cox, READWS Executive Director, Phone: (336)779–1302, Email: kris@readws.org
Esharan Monroe-Johnson, Associate Director Phone: (336)779-1304 Email: esharan@readws.org
Margaret Dickinson,
Program Director, Phone: (336)779-1301, Email: margaret@readws.org
Melissa Lester, Financial Secretary, Phone: (336)779-1305, Email: melissa@readws.org
Paula Bennett, Events and Sponsorships Coordinator, Phone: (336)779-1303, Email: paula@readws.org
Skye Harvey, Communications & Grant Writing Wizard, Phone: (336)779-1300 ext 2200, Email: skye@readws.org
Debbie Kelley, Augustine Literacy Project Coordinator and Trainer, Phone: (336)779-1300 , Email: debbie@readws.org
Susan Tague, Administrative Assitant, Phone: (336)779-1300 , Email: susan@readws.org

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