2018 Newsletter

The READWS July 2018 Newsletter is now available!

From Book Nooks to our first ever Get Rowdy for READWS event, check out what we’ve been up to over the last year.

Did you know that Forsyth County is in a literacy crisis?


of children in Forsyth County are not reading proficiently


of poor readers in 3rd grade are still poor readers in 9th grade


of children in Forsyth County enter Kindergarten at risk of needing additional support with reading


For 90% of poor readers, early, intensive intervention can increase reading ability to an age-appropriate average skill level.

Augustine Literacy Project tutors in public schools in 2017-2018

Educators trained in the summer of 2018

Families served at Reading Party in 2017-2018

The mission of READWS is to reach, teach, and advocate for struggling readers by training tutors, educators, and parents to use the evidence-based best practices of a multi-sensory, structured literacy approach. We focus on students who are at an economic disadvantage.

Augustine Literacy Project® trains and supports volunteers who provide free, long term, one-to-one instruction to low-income children and teens who struggle with literacy skills.

Through our Educator AcademyREADWS provides educators with free resources and sponsors free and low-cost training using an Orton-Gillingham approach. In 2016, we kicked off our Reading Party parent education program. Reading Party is a free, parent-oriented seminar that teaches simple and effective multisensory strategies to parents and their children in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Parents can use these strategies at home to help strengthen pre-reading and early reading skills.

In addition to these programs, READWS partners with other like-minded groups across our city, state and country in support of children with reading difficulties. To learn more about partnering with us click here.


Your donation supports READWS, home of the Winston-Salem Augustine Literacy Project®, Reading Party, and more. When you give, remember that the gift of literacy is something that can never be lost, stolen, or taken away. Thank you for supporting READWS on our amazing journey.

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