There is a literacy crisis in our community.

Sadly, only half of the children in
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools can read proficiently. 


 of 3rd graders in WS/FCS
are not proficient in reading


 of poor readers in 3rd grade will still be poor readers in 9th grade 


of children in WS/FCS are not on track for college or career readiness

What We Do

We believe that, with proper instruction, 90% of the children who struggle with reading in our community can become proficient in reading.  

Our vision is a transformed community in which every child learns to read, write, and spell. 

Our mission is to advance the science of reading by teaching, training, and advocating.  

The Science of Reading- How the Brain Learns to Read

Our brains are wired to speak but they are not wired to learn to read. In order to learn to read, we must develop certain parts of our brain and build connections between brain areas that were not there before. We teach tutors, teachers, and parents to encourage this process through direct, explicit, and systematic instruction.

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Our Impact

Augustine Literacy Project and OWL tutors in public schools in 2019-2020

Families served at Reading Party in 2018-2019

Educators trained in 2019

Join us and give a child in this community the gift of literacy.

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